OpenStack Host Groups

To create a OpenStack Host Group, you must first setup a OpenStack Cloud Provider.

To securely connect Nirmata to OpenStack in your Private Cloud or Data Center, first setup a Private Cloud.

Setting up OpenStack consists of the following steps:

  1. Create a VM template.
  2. Create an OpenStack Host Group.
Create a VM Template

Create and launch a Linux VM using OpenStack. Connect to the VM and setup Nirmata agent by running the following command:

sudo curl -sSL | sudo sh -s -- --cloud openstack

Now you can create a template for the VM using OpenStack Horizon. This template should be selected when creating a host group for your OpenStack provider.

Create OpenStack Host Group

Create a host group by selecting the OpenStack provider, specifying the number of desired hosts and selecting the template created earlier. Provide the resource information such as flavor, keypair, network and security group.



Once this is done, Nirmata will create and setup VMs. Once the VMs start, they will connect to Nirmata SaaS. Now you can create applications and deploy them to your OpenStack resources.