Create a Service From a Docker Image

To create a new Application or to add a new Service to an existing Application, you can select an image listed in a registry and select the Create Service option. This will launch a wizard where you can create a new Application or select an existing Application, and then configure the service properties:


The remaining steps in the Add Service Wizard are the same as adding a Service to an existing application, and are documented at: add-service-to-application{.interpreted-text role=“ref”}.

Example: Deploy Wordpress

Here are the steps to create a Wordpress service based on the jbfink/docker-wordpress image available on Docker Index.

  1. Select Image Registries -> Docker Index and search for a “wordpress”. Several Wordpress images will be displayed in the table.
  2. Select the “Create Service…” action for the jbfink/docker-word press image
  3. In the Add Service Wizard, choose to create an Application and specify a name for the new application.
  4. On the Networking page, disable service networking and remove the mapping for HTTPS port. Specify the HTTP host port.
  5. Other sections can be ignored for this example.
  6. Finish the wizard.

You will now see the new application in the Applications section. If you have configured a Host Group, you can also deploy the application to an environment. (See Running Applications).